The academic program is strong at École Montessori International Blainville, here is why: We teach the Whole Child through the discovery of learning.

The Montessori math materials are concrete manipulative materials, allowing the child to internalize the concepts of number, symbol, sequence, operations and memorization of basic facts.

Kindergarten Montessori international School

The language materials introduce the child to each written letter by its sound and encourage muscular memory through the touching of Sand Paper Letters. Various presentations allow children to effortlessly link sounds and their written symbols and ultimately to write. Dr. Montessori recognized that writing as a coding skill comes before reading, a decoding skill. Basic skills in writing are developed through the use of the sandpaper letters together with pencils or crayons and paper.

While letter sounds are being learned, the child is introduced to objects and words as a matching exercise. These objects will then be used together with a Movable Alphabet allowing the child to ‘build’ words in a phonetic way, reading follows as the information is absorbed. Pictures and word cards follow in preparation for tackling printed text in the form of simple phrases and then sentences. All materials encourage oral language development in both French and English.
The child is also presented with Geography, History, Life Sciences, Music, Art and Drama education.

Ground rules protect the rights and liberty of each individual child and the group as a whole. They promote the internalization of pro-social behaviors and values including: self-control of impulses, consideration of others and a sense of responsibility for oneself and the welfare of the group.
Ground rules can help to make life at school easier, make the days run more smoothly, enable children to be more independent and help to develop responsibility within the child. The number of ground rules is kept to a minimum, stated and presented in a positive manner with an emphasis on safety, respect for others and the environment. The result benefits all members of the group.
The foundation for the Elementary years is made solid for a smooth transition into Cycle One.

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