J. Kechichian (Principal)

Letter from the Principal.

I would like to take this opportunity to sincerely welcome you to Ecole Montessori International (EMI). I founded this school (starting with Montréal) in 1996 out of sincere respect and love for Dr. Maria Montessori’s wonderful method of education. Like Dr. Montessori, I too, have a special fondness for children and share her vision of educating the whole child in all areas of his/her development: emotionally, physically, intellectually and spiritually. This is why the program we implement at EMI is true to Montessori’s philosophy where all the child’s needs are considered.

At EMI Blainville» (opened in 2006), we believe that we are unique, in that, we are the only Montessori in Québec offering programs for children from pre-primary (daycare: 2 – 3 years, preschool: 4 years and kindergarten: 5-6 years) to primary grade 1 to grade 6. In addition to teaching in the well known Montessori way, our curriculum is tailored to the demands of today’s competitive world. Our program is enriched with traditional and modern Montessori materials and providing our students with a wonderful learning experience.

Our school is situated in a culturally diverse community and we encourage the enrolment of students of all backgrounds. We treat all children equally and uphold Montessori’s beliefs. Our bilingual (French/English) program, to which we add Spanish from Kindergarten to grade 6, is also enriched with activities such as music, ballet, karate, chess and more.

Like Dr. Montessori’s first school in Rome (“Casa de Bambini” or “Children’s House”), we consider ourselves to be a real family at EMI Blainville. We care for, and support our students as if they were our own children, and ensure that you will feel comfortable leaving your child with us each morning.

Our objectif is singular : to enhance each individual’s full potential. With strong parental support, we work towards that goal precisely to impart an education that values life-long learning.

We continue in our quest to become a premier institution in our category, seldom wavering from the target to enhance each individual’s learning pace, while maintaining the highest possible standards. We fulfill all Ministry of Education requirements and even go beyond to best prepare our students for their high school years. In as much as our bilingual curriculum prepares them to navigate with relative ease all French and English curricular requirements, we are confident that our graduates will easily be qualified to make eventual switches as necessary, having benefited from everything that a Montessori education provides. We will not rest until each and every laureate reaches his or her optimum level.

Ours is a long-term proposition that will enhance our students’ healthy interactions that aspire for excellence.

I will be more than happy to answer any of your questions or listen to any of your concerns.

Jeanette Kechichian

From its creation until today.

École Montessori International (EMI) had and still today a quick development since its creation first at Montreal in 1996, and then in Blainville, opened in 2006 and exclusively from 2011 to our days. EMI Blainville continues its development year after year because our program responds to the needs of several families, national and foreighners. Our program works together with the students and EMI is the first Montessori international school in the area. The main goal is to provide to children a chance to attend a Montessori program in their school, from kindergarten to grade 6. They have the chance to study in a bilingual environment (French-English) and start Spanish studies as of Kindergarten. To be applied in all its richness, the Montessori program requires small structures. The EMI Blainville faculty is composed of French and anglo-saxon educators.
L’École Montessori Internationale Blainville (EMI Blainville) opened in August 2006, with less than a hundred students for 2006-2007 school year. Registration never stopped growing since, slowly but surly. September 2010 was the year of the opening ou our daycare for the benefit of our parents who had a registered child at the school and parents in the area. Registration is open all year long.

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