Before & After school Daycare

Morning daycare from 7:30AM to 8:00AM;

After school daycare when classes end after study period, until 6:00PM;

Combined daycare for parents that need both services – morning and after school daycare.

School day starts at 8:15AM and ends according to the following schedule:

–        Kindergarten : 3 :00PM

–        Cycle 1 : 3 :20PM

–        Cycle 2: 3 :30PM

–        Cycle 3  3 :40PM

If parents cannot pick up their child on time, he/she will be automatically registered for daycare that day.


Morning Daycare  2016-2017:   $900/year or $7/day
After School   Daycare 2016-2017:   $1,350/year or $10/day
Combined Daycare 2016-2017:   $1,850/year or $17/day

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